I had a birthday during this week. My delightful husband gave me a rather large gift card to Myers (local department store). I had a lot of fun shopping for me.


My first purchase was some black shoes for work. I’m not so active at work anymore so got a bit of a heel for the first time. I still need my feet to be totally covered though. These are very comfortable.





The next purchase was socks, to go with my lovely new shoes.



Later in the week we looked at new pots for our courtyard. Didn’t get these, we’re still looking.





The highlight of my birthday week was going to the ice hockey on the weekend. This was a match between the New Zealand Ice Blacks and Melbourne Ice.


These were the hardest working guys on the ice.




Melbourne Ice won!!!! It was a fantastic game to watch.




The Sunday Sevens thing was started by... [read more]

learned last week snap shot


Another week has gone by, here’s what I’ve learned while living & diving into the depths of the internet.

#1 For those DIY lingerie makers: here’s a great tutorial on doing an extended shoulder strap

#2 I have the degree in art, but I still feel all the fraudy feelings. I love this vision on creativity by Danielle from Merriweather Council.

#3 Being kind to yourself works in a lot of small ways. Loved this short post on being kinder to yourself.

#4 Under-calendering is a concept that scares me. Not planning out my day feels as if I’m not going to get anything done. However, it also gives so much freedom.

#5 You can make an excuse or you can make progress: baby steps are steps too, you don’t need the perfect tools to get things done. Loved reading this story about a 12 year old writer!

What did you learn last week?

image: I love Antwerp, such a... [read more]

Hello, Hello!

Another finished make today. This time it's a Sew Over It Rosie bodice with a basic gathered skirt.

I bought this fabric a while ago, although I can't remember where from! But it's gorgeous. I really love it!

I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it, but kept uhm'ing and ah'ing over what pattern to use. Then Sew Over It released the Rosie pattern and I instantly fell in love with the style of dress. It's completely my aesthetic - being a lover of all things 50's inspired! I loved the fact that it was what I would call a 'proper' sun-dress, with little straps.

Anyway, I loved the idea of using this pattern with this fabric, but the fabric was narrow and I didn't have enough, so in the end I decided to make the bodice of the Rosie dress and just do a simple gathered skirt.

I made this dress towards the end of the summer, but still managed to... [read more]
Since we launched the #sewtogetherforsummer  sewing challenge over on Instagram, a number of sewers have said that they’re really keen to participate but the thought of sewing buttonholes gives them the heebie-jeebies! So, with that in mind, here’s a post full of tips and tricks to get you confidently sewing those dreaded buttonholes into your...

Hello there! A wee catch up post for the March #sewmystyle make, which is… a pair of leggings! Megan Nielsen’s Virginia leggings to be exact. It will therefore be a fairly short post since they are, after all, a comparatively simple item to make. Nevertheless, a good leggings pattern is important! I confess I almost didn’t make them as I have a couple of other leggings patterns, but what swayed me was 1) the reviews were very good and several were by people who have tried many, many leggings patterns and 2) there is a maternity option. I am not pregnant, but I lived in leggings when I was and they might come in useful in the future, if not for me, as a perfect gift for a pregnant friend.


I am planning to make almost all of the #sewmystyle clothes, but I did miss the Saunio cardigan last month. I wasn’t sure about the design for my figure and when I... [read more]

DIY Moto Jacket & Jeans [made for and modeled by my daughter Mori]

Spring has spring and this jacket is perfect! Soooo I had extra fabric left from my Keira Jumpsuit that was posted on the Fabric Mart Blog and I wanted to make some type of jacket with the left-overs. I have everyone of Mimi G's patterns because I love to show my support but more importantly they are nice choices to add to any wardrobe. Now I think I posted all my patterns on IG when I was sorting them and I have to tell ya, I gots a lot of patterns! So although I have all of her patterns I have not made all the garments yet. I first made her coat [Simplicity 1060] and her jeans [Simplicity 8222] and I love that pattern. I also have a few in my to-do pile. I decided to use this pattern because I wanted to make a Moto jacket. I love how this jacket turned out and Mori will be able to... [read more]

birgitte 1

Last month’s sewing, planned, executed and only slightly delayed in being blogged and shown off!  Most of my plans have been to make more tops -for me.  My stash had a few pieces of grey viscose jersey, all slightly different shades, ever so slightly different in handle and weight too.  In addition to this, I’d got two grey fabrics in South Africa, one a knit with a texture in the knit.  So you could call this my shades of grey adventure, but I’m not going there….

birgitte 5

First up is a grey stripe viscose jersey knit from Croft Mill Fabrics, bought at the end of September.  I opted to make the Maria Denmark Birgitte, using the three quarter sleeve and v-neck option. This really is a quick pattern to make, about an hour or two of your afternoon should suffice.  My adjustments from the original pattern are simple, shorten the body by 3cm, and add an FBA.

collage birgitte

Next, the textured... [read more]

In the spring of 2014 I bought fabric to make my first pair of jeans.

In 2015, Gillian dared me to finish the Ginger Jeans and I managed to make a non-stretch muslin in January 2016. This confirmed that the size I chose to make wasn’t too far off and that pants weren’t as scary as I thought they would be. Nevertheless, this project stalled when I started feeling insecure about my changing weight.

In late November, Morgan from Crab & Bee, came over to help me do some fitting on the ginger jeans pattern. We made full butt and full calf adjustments and I felt ready to resume this project.

Then I decided to Rebel a little bit, made a Jyn Erso costume, and in the process made my first pair of pants!

That took a lot of the fear away. I had done it. I had made pants that stayed on, were comfortable, and looked good. Now, let’s make something with a little... [read more]

Pic free post…with rant.

So, I chopped the Miyakes AND the Laroches using the Style Arc ‘Misty’.  This made Donald-Trump-hand- sized pockets, so I then had to remake the pockets, and reposition them.  AND salvage the binding, as I don’t have much, AND re-stitch it.  And I unpicked the tatty experimental fly fronts and re made them more neatly.


Then felled inseams, overlocked outside leg seams, and all ready for another fit before attaching the waistband…looking very nice, though I say it myself.


I can’t believe it- I swear she must be inflating and deflating herself between fittings.  I’ve had enough.  I’m holding in tears of rage, so I’m going to make something for myself.  Maybe some trousers.  I bet they’ll bloody me fit too!

Nani iro you belong to a higher plain of fabric adoration. I love you, I revere your design and construction … More
Toaster Sweater Version 2, take 2, wadder.  Some of the adjustments made just did not work and instead of working to make it work, I decided to move on.  Spring is in the air and now I want to make some tops out of woven fabric.  I am also going to the beach with a friend in a couple of months and needs some beach wear.

And honestly, my sewing mojo has been stunted.  Just was not feeling it and most likely due to the bipolar weather we have had this month.

I did break my pattern and fabric fast last week.  New fabric and new patterns have arrived at my door step.  Will post photos of those soon.  Hopefully that will boost my mojo.


Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

This is cardigan was my first project when I moved to the UK, more than a year ago. It was my pretext to join a knitting club, where people regularly meet to eat, laugh and knit. One year later, I finally finished – and still regularly meet with the friends I made then!


Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

The pattern is the Miette cardigan from Andi Satterlund and it is the second time I made it (first was in green cotton, still love it). This time I made it in 100% merino superwash, Rico essentials, colour Brick Red – or Union-Jack-Red, since it now reminds me of coming to the UK and getting to know the locals!

The wool is soft and cool. Good for bamboo needles (5.5 mm for me). It was straightforward to knit, especially having knitted it before. This time, I think the details improved – the stitches and yarn overs look crisp and perfectly aligned. And the gunmetal buttons give it a... [read more]

I have been thinking about warmer weather and my long lasting RTW sandals have finally bitten the dust! I normally eek out sandals for a fair few years by getting them re-soled etc, but alas their time was up! I do have other warm weather shoes, but just not a really good comfy flat pair.

I have not made any more shoes since my first and last pair here, but I have been thinking about it and forming ideas for construction during that time. I find that the time in between is really important for me to assess what I learnt from a task. What I did and didn't like and how I what lessons I would like to carry forward.

One of the things that has really struck me since my first pair is how I can fit this new skill into my life without it causing too much disruption. The tools and glue traditionally required for shoe making is not at all child friendly and seeing's as I'm... [read more]
I love this dress. I really do. Gabrielle's antipodean flying squirrel dress, the aquatic sugar glider is one of my most loved inspirations. Everything about it, the amazing abstract seaside creature fabric and it's sheer statementness is perfect. I have an equally loved piece of silk, with an abstract leopard image from Prada's 2009 resort collection, that's been waiting patiently for it's time to shine.

I asked Gabrielle for her thoughts as we browsed The Fabric Store in Sydney, which is where I bought it several years ago. It's a weighty silk, not as compact and drapey as the recommended crepe de chine or silk jersey, but I do like a structured drape... Might V1482 be the pattern for it?
I decided to test V1482 with some rather lovely weight tencel from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I'm rather glad the staff warned me that it would bleed a lot for it's... [read more]
Today I'm sharing a super quick and satisfying project that's a little different to my usual sewing style. After all the intense and lengthy coat and dress making I've been doing recently the speed and ease of this really was a breath of fresh air. I love those fiddly projects with a thousand pattern pieces and techniques to work with but I think mixing in the odd super simple project helps to keep things fresh and enjoyable. This project was particularly great as the lack of a pattern and totally different construction processed made use of an entirely new part of my creative brain.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Girl Charlee Ombre Jersey Batwing Top from Freehand Fashion by Chinelo Bally

As I mentioned in a previous post I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Kensington Olympia with my mum a couple of weeks ago. We were keen to attend one of the events on the main stage and when I saw that the line up included Chinelo Bally from the Great... [read more]

I must admit that I love the camera on my phone. It makes it so easy to document fun things & daily wins. Here are some shots from last week!

sewing pouch

Work-work-work. This week was filled with sewing and it makes me SO happy.

Monday was one big throwback to our wedding in August. So much happy memories!

To celebrate we went out on Sunday night to one of our favorite places in Antwerp. ComoComo serves tasty fingerfood (they call it pintxos (tapas)) and the all pass by on a conveyor belt and we always have so much fun spotting our next favorite. They also have super friendly staff!

On Tuesday I put the finishing touches on a dress for a lovely client. More about that next week!

I also received a fabric delivery, so I could get started on another client’s dress. Thursday I finished this order.

Thursday night I had a huge burst of inspiration, so I doodled in my... [read more]

That title? That was part of the brief Joost sent me when he asked me to design a logo for his new website, No pressure!

Now, a tiny bit of background. First there was, where Joost published the patterns he drafted (for free!) in a different way: instead of downloading a pdf and adapting it to fit you, you could enter all the necessary measurements and get a pattern drafted especially for you. Pretty cool/generous, right? Apparently not cool and generous enough, because now he's putting everything out there so people can not only download existing patterns, but draft their own. And for that, he needed a Cool Logo, which is where I came in.

Now, logos are not easy. Or rather, good logos are not easy. You're trying to create something that's recognizable, simple enough to be clear when seen from a distance but... [read more]

Full Bust adjustment and Fitting on a princess seam, Gertie B6453 Sew Along | Vintage on Tap

Tackling full bust adjustment and fitting on a princess seam can be overwhelming!

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. In my last video, I took the time to actually show you, start to finish, how I made the Gertie B6453 dress fit my measurements. And I really mean start to finish. I go from doing a full bust adjustment and fitting- to feeling confident to cutting into my fashion fabric. I’ll be 100% transparent that the changes I made won’t apply to everyone– but this is how I approach everything to fit me, and hopefully it helps you, too!

I was hesitant to film my video this way, but after seeing some of the struggles people were facing in the Gertie Sew Along Facebook Group, I figured I might as well just document the whole thing so it wouldn’t be as overwhelming.

Before you get started…

  1. Get your tools ready:

How to Walk a Sewing Pattern, video tutorial | Vintage on Tap

Does the image above look familiar?

You’ve sewn plenty before- you’ve made tons of things and you love sewing. But for some reason, the above image keeps happening. One thing leads to another, and none of the pieces are lining up and you end up just cutting off a corner of your fabric just so it looks “right.” A friend suggests learning how to walk a sewing pattern but…

Why do you need to “walk” a sewing pattern and what does that even mean?

Learning how to walk a pattern is actually extremely important in the garment sewing process, especially if you’re like me and have to do quite a lot of changes to a sewing pattern. Unfortunately, its not a skill that normally gets discussed and is often overlooked by beginners.

True facts: I didn’t learn about this until I’d been sewing for YEARS and had just learned to ignore it.


The concept of how to walk a sewing pattern is pretty... [read more]

Completing a sewing challenge with over a week to spare…This is sky falling down territory! When saw the #sewingtheseventies challenge by Steely SeamstressSteely Seamstress I really wanted to take part, so it was the best of luck I just happened to be working on a seventies sewing pattern (1972) and my fabric choice was not only vintage…but seventies as anything!!!!! Fate you wanted me to do this post and be apart of this!!

So here’s my entry…

_DSC6768 (1)

I’m going to call this dress a qipao rather than a cheongsam. Both are correct, just qipao is the Mandarin way and cheongsam is the Cantonese way. My husband speaks Mandarin so I’m just used to calling it a qipao.

The Pattern

I bought this pattern, Simplicity 5010, on Etsy and I was ummming and ahhing about buying it for months. Firstly, at the grand price of £20 including postage, it would be the most... [read more]

I'm wrapping up another busy week sharing a short update about our latest burlap tote bag - the Oakland! It's been many, many months since I last created a shoulder bag for the Grounds Collection. Burlap pouches and pillows have been popular orders lately, but I was glad to be able to jump back into the bag-making process and sew up this new medium burlap tote bag for spring. The Oakland is

I finished this dress, my latest project for the Fabricville Blog, a week or two ago. But then the weather turned back into something a little more seasonal, so I couldn't wear it outside to get any pics without turning a shade of blue that would clash with the dress - finally a sunny and not absolutely freezing day arrived & I enjoyed taking some photos to share with you.

It's McCalls 7534 and it's made with a Fabricville quilting cotton -- yes it's true, I can't resist fun prints! Considering my last Fabricville dress was made of quilting cotton adorned with marching elephants, I thought it was only fair that these playful mice got their chance.

I made a few small alterations, including adding pockets -- of course -- but didn't have to change much about this pattern to make it fit me. More information will be shared shortly when my... [read more]

Recently I've gotten a few questions like "where do you find your vintage patterns?" and "how much should you pay for a vintage pattern?" so I thought I'd do a little post on how I add to my (ever-growing) collection. Take a peek into my closet and my pattern stash and you'll find I love love love sewing with vintage patterns, almost as much as I love buying them ;) I buy my vintage patterns almost exclusively on etsy as I find it easy to search once you know what to type in the search bar (eBay is another option but it's a bit more confusing for me).

This is a longer post, but keep reading for five tips on buying your first (or fiftieth!) vintage pattern... plus, an etsy giveaway, my new destash account, and #VintagePledge 2017!

1. Know how much you are willing to pay. This depends on how flexible you're willing to be! If you are looking for... [read more]

Over the past few months we’ve been working to dramatically improve users’ experience on iPad — and we’re proud to share those with you now, in our WordPress app for iOS, available in the iTunes Store.


The apps were originally designed with only iPhones in mind, so we wanted to make better use of the space available on the iPad and especially iPad Pro, to maximize your productivity in the app. These changes shipped incrementally, with the very final ones being included in the 7.1 release that went out last week.

We’ve improved the My Sites management to make it easier to handle multiple sites on iPad. Now you can see the posts from that blog alongside the list of blogs, and site management is now all on one screen – no more back and forth!




Managing profiles follows the same pattern.


Notifications has been overhauled, too.


We’re... [read more]

diy school supplies

This DIY School Supplies is for a binder pouch. The instructions are for a 3 ring binder, but you can customize it to your needs. All the binder pouch seams are enclosed and it features a vinyl window to show … Read More

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