Time keeps slipping by faster than I can keep track of.  I've had approximately eleventy billion different blog posts in my head that want to be written, but somehow they haven't actually got from my head onto the screen.  Life's been crazy busy as usual and blogging always tends to take a back seat whether I plan on it or not.  The hockey schedule has kept us hopping every weekend - this weekend from Friday through Sunday we had a total of six games to be at.  We actually ended up going to only four out of the six as the weather kicked up a huge fuss and got really lousy for highway driving with blowing snow and very poor visibility and because we were going to have to drive from one town to another and then back to the first town and then drive home after dark, we made the decision to not risk it.  I'm getting way too old to navigate nearly zero visibility... [read more]
I've been in a bit of a slump with my knitting.  I think I may have casually mentioned on and off over the last several months that I've lost my "mojo".  I don't know what or why it is. It's not that I don't want to be knitting.  I most definitely do! I see patterns and yarn and think, "Oooooooh!  I should knit that!" but somehow that thought never seems to make it much past the thinking/dreaming stage into the cast on, knit and finish stage.

I did finish a Bankhead hat (a Christmas gift for my husband - modelled here by not so little anymore Little Man) - that one was a bit more exciting because I had picked out the fibre from Prairie's Edge Wool Farm and spun the yarn especially for the hat for him.  Maybe that's the key... all things should be knit from hand spun.  But here's the kicker...  I've not spun anything in months either! Even my... [read more]
Hello all!

Just a super brief post for today - I know... completely unusual for me and my usual long-windedness.  LOL

I wanted to share some exciting news in my crafting life though and let you know that I'm now part of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.  I'm so honoured to be part of the network amongst all the very talented crafters there.  Minerva Crafts has been one of my go to shops for quite a while now - I love their customer service and the selection of products is top notch, so when they put out a call for crafters for their Blogger Network I sent them an email right away.  I was thrilled to be accepted and this week I had my first ever post featured on there!!!!

I hope you'll take a minute to go check out all the details in my post and while you're there take a look at all the other amazing projects on the site as well! It's truly inspiring to see... [read more]
As I'm sure you all know by now, I really do love a great floral print.  I'm more than a bit obsessed with them as a matter of fact.

My latest floral make is an Olympia Dress* from Love Notions patterns!  It's a fairly straight forward pattern featuring a shawl collar and several different options for skirt and sleeve length options.  My Olympia Dress is also my most recent make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network and is being featured on the blog today.

I hope you'll hop on over and take a look at my full post there, and while you're there take a look in the shop at all the gorgeous new florals they've just brought in for spring.  I'm trying hard to resist, but I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out before I order more... I'm really wanting a few more Olympia dresses in my wardrobe for spring and summer. Also I would like to recommend having... [read more]

Did you know that March 22 is World Water Day? It's a UN led initiative, and they have a great page of resources for you to explore on the theme of protecting the universal human right to clean water.

There are stories to read, posters to share, activities to explore, and more. Water is such an important right!

Beyond fair access to water, I'm also concerned about the health of our waterways. Our library co-hosted a talk on plastic pollution recently, and I discovered that the freshwater Great Lakes are just as contaminated as our oceans, though ocean pollution is much more widely discussed. This was depressing! But they also talked about things to do to reduce your plastic waste as individuals, alongside requesting governmental and corporate change, of course, which was much less depressing.

One of the art projects I'm currently working on is based on a water theme.... [read more]

Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) has sprung, and it seems so have all the patterns! Hoolie doolie, it felt like every time I opened my browser/phone, I found a new pattern! You’ll see what I mean below. My usual disclaimer is that even with the abundance below, it’s inevitable that I missed something. Please tell us in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions. With that said, grab a beverage (a big one!) and let’s get started. I’ve decided to group by garment type to keep the head spinning (mine) to a minimum.


Cocowawa Crafts Maple Dress Link / Size Chart

To be honest, the line drawings looked kind of er … mumsy … to me when I first saw them. It was the tester photos that made me take a second look. That second glance tells me the Maple is actually a cute dress with cute options, which can take it to the office or on Saturday... [read more]

One of the things I love about the Who We Are series is that we never know who we will hear from. Today our contributors are talking about their personal experiences with depression, Autism, and epilepsy!


‘Brain fog’ is one of the lesser known symptoms of both depression and anxiety (and other mental health illnesses as well, but I can only speak for those I’ve experienced).

2008 was the year that a lot of things changed in my life. It was the year that my grandfather died and the year I got together with the man that would become my husband — it was the year that I taught myself to sew during the university summer holidays and it was also the year that I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression.

Brain fog is weird because you don’t always realise that you’re in its grip until it’s too late. Every single thought and... [read more]

Have you been following along with #SewBibs, or maybe even joining in? I've been finding it so inspiring!

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I’ve had requests for a macrame yoga mat bag tutorial, so here it is. The construction of this mat is very basic, using only … More macrame yoga bag »

The post macrame yoga bag appeared first on My French Twist.

I’ve had requests for a macrame yoga mat tutorial, so here it is. The construction of this mat is very basic, using only the … More macrame yoga mat »

The post macrame yoga mat appeared first on My French Twist.

This year (ok, and least year) I’m working on making my style bolder, braver, and more fun! Using the guidelines for KIbbe’s Flamboyant Gamine body type has been helping with that, since it recommends strong colours and pattern, playful contrasts, and more-is-more style. I wrote about dabbling in Kibbe back in early fall, and you can find way more on Doctor T Designs where she is hosting #SewYourKibbe!

With my latest outfit, I think I’ve reached peak Flamboyant Gamine!

Cashmerette Dress and Burda Wool Jacket

Underneath is a Cashmerette Pembroke, made in striped Liverpool poly double knit. I ordered this back in the fall and when I arrived I was skeptical of the beige and oatmeal stripes being too close to my skin tone… but my love of the teal and oxblood stripes eventually won out!

Cashmerette Dress and Burda Wool Jacket

I first made this pattern as a tester in a rayon, and wasn’t convinced about the... [read more]


In January, I started a new bi-monthly series on the blog, where I am interviewing the designers behind sustainable pattern brands. You can read the first instalment with Kim from Ann Normandy Designs. So here we are with episode two, and I’m bringing you a Q&A with Chelsea, the designer behind a very interesting indie brand: Friday Pattern Company. The brand came on my radar because since the inception, Chelsea decided to donate 5% of all proceeds to a rotating catalogue of good causes. This, plus their lovely, modern minimalist style, really puts them high on my list. So I…

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Chalk and Notch released an updated version of their popular Fringe Dress & Blouse and I was excited to pattern test it! This new version extends the size range to 24 and add A/B and C/D cup options! The pattern is on sale for $11.50 for the relaunch.

Since it’s a loose fitting design it’s also pretty forgiving for even larger busted ladies. I make a G/H in Cashmerette but the C/D worked fine for me.

My blouse was sewn using a rayon crepe fabric I bought at Joann. This is definitely a fiddly fabric to cut, but the crepe texture is also very forgiving.

I did not include the belt ties and only made a half hearted effort at pattern matching but I’m loving this a spring blouse. One thing to note is that despite staystitching, my neckline did stretch out, which resulted in a low v-neck. To make this top work appropriate I have to wear a cami under it.

It’s very nice to see Chalk... [read more]

One of my Make 9 items for this year was the Style Arc Ariana Woven Dress. When this pattern dropped last year, I was immediately drawn to it, which surprised me. I don't wear many wovens, especially dresses. But it was one of those patterns that stuck in my mind, so I decided to add it to my Make 9. I have two near and dear fabrics that I plan to use, but before diving in with those I wanted to make a muslin. So here it is!

The bodice of this dress is fully lined, with a back panel that it shirred with elastic thread. The straps are narrow and the skirt is gathered into the bodice. There are roomy patch pockets on the skirt. The dress is fastened with buttons up the entire front. You can make a crop top instead of a dress by simply hemming the top.

I rifled through my stash looking for a linen-weight woven to muslin at least the bodice, and ran across this... [read more]

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We totally LOVED running and taking part in this challenge, and from the number of times the hashtag #SewcialistsMiniChallenge popped up on Insta, so did you!

Here’s a round up of most of (hopefully all!) the makes from the challenge, organised by WORD.


  • We tried to get them all, but may not have. Sorry if we missed you! Let us know and we will add you.
  • Sorry for any typos in the IG handles – if you see one, sing out in the comments and will fix.
  • If you didn’t tell us your word, we guessed! And if you named two words, we picked one.
  • We included projects that were posted as “here is where I got to” – so not all finished. If you gave it a red hot go, it’s in here!


This was the most (very) popular word with 43 makes! People tended to interpret this one very literally as you can see…

Oompa Loompah Loopity doo! I’ve got a puzzling designer for you-

What do you get when your aim is to shock?

Scratchy lace and a semi dropped crotch!Oompa Loompa doompity dag

This designers work- is making me gag!

Crazy is fine when it’s once in a while! A droopy lace bib, an ankle monitor wire!-Most of this tho- belongs in a fire!

Oh, I wonder who would pay for this-

Photo credits:

Welcome new contributor Jess! She’s here today to share her review of the new extended sizing of Paper Theory’s Zadie Jumpsuit. We think Jess looks fabulous and we hope you do too!!!


Paper Theory’s Zadie Jumpsuit

Size Range (with measurements):

Extended sizes 16-28 (40.5”/103cm-55”/140cm bust, 43”/109cm-57.5”/146cm hip)

What size did you make?

I made a size 24 top and size 26 bottom.

What are your measurements, height, and body type?

Full Bust:47”



Height: 5’6”

I’m very hipped and choose to measure my waist closer to my underbust, rather than using my natural waist.

What adjustments did you make and how long did they take?

Since I sewed the pants a larger size than the bodice, I compensated by increasing the size of the pant pleats to punch out the extra fabric. I also sewed the largest size of the waist ties, but neither of... [read more]

When Lyndle left a comment on my recent weaving post asking how long it took, it spurred me into action on planning my bomber jacket. I generally have something on the loom, and I weave whenever I feel like it. Sometimes for half an hour; sometimes for 4 hours. Sometimes each day; sometimes with gaps ...

I haven't done a Cover Designs post in ages! Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well.

Today's featured book is a forthcoming title, one that's sure to be a hit as a summer read! Written by Hazel Gaynor (a well established historical novelist) and Heather Webb, Meet Me In Monaco is set in the 1950s against the backdrop of Grace Kelly’s whirlwind romance and wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Grace Kelly is a character only so much as she draws together the two main characters who also have to decide what they will do for love: Sophie Duval, a perfumier, and James Henderson, a British press photographer, are brought together by chance when Sophie helps out Grace Kelly. Summer sun, the Cannes film festival, the Cote d'Azur and Grace Kelly herself are... [read more]

#World Porn, #Incredible Views

When @naturaldane and @onesewsweet announced the Black History Month Pattern Designers Challenge, I was excited. I wanted to try Style Sew Me patterns for a while and what a perfect time to do it. I got the Nikki blazer pattern and the Alise top, which is a current work in progress.

I used a green ponte knit for this version. I made the largest size and used smaller seam allowances. Mostly because I was worried that the sleeves wouldn’t fit but that wasn’t an issue; I should have just measures the pieces but I guess I was feeling lazy at the time. Even with the seam allowances as recommended and not in a knit fabric, it seems like the sleeves would be fine. Also, another thing about the sleeves is they are 2 piece sleeves. I adore a 2-piece sleeve.

I made no alterations for this version. The fit is okay, but for the next versions, I will shorten the bodice... [read more]

Did I steal someone’s child for this weeks post? Maybe. Yes.

This is Luna, Nico’s BFF <3 She’s rough and tough and amazing. She usually comes over once a week and they make huge messes, argue over toys, play imagination and have the best time ever. This time around I asked her to be my model. She was mostly game but 90% of these photos she is watching Superwings.

This is the Slouchy Headwarmer from Patterns For Pirates. Yes, again. But yes what? IT’S FREE and I already warned you about my slight obsession with P4P. I promise that my next post isn’t P4P though.

This pattern is perfect for fall/winter – good thing we are going into spring. Either way, it’s a must. You can wear it as a hat, messy bun hat, headband, cowl/scarf, face warmer. The face warmer is great for the cold or even if you’re going 4-wheeling and you don’t want to... [read more]

One of the patterns that’s been all over sewing Instagram in recent months has been the Seamwork Tacara dress. Normally, I tend to stay away from dress patterns without some sort of waist definition, but I was drawn to the Tacara by a few cute curvy versions that I’d seen, and I was also sold on how everyone raved about how comfortable this dress was.

Unlike a lot of popular-on-Instagram indie patterns, the Seamwork Tacara actually has a nicely inclusive size range. When I asked around among the Curvy Sewing Collective editors and a few of our regular contributors, I found that several of us were intrigued by this pattern, making it a good candidate for us to write up a Same Pattern, Different Bodies post!


  • Measurements: Bust –44″/112cm, Bra Size – 16DD, Waist – 38-40″/99 cm. Hips – 48-50″/124cm , Height – 5’6″/166 cm
  • Body... [read more]
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