I am pattern testing much less nowadays as it can be really time consuming when you do it throughly and to be brutally honest my sewing queue is so long that I'm never short of things that I'd rather be sewing! However there are some things that I just can't resist and will squeeze in no matter how busy I am and the new Eve Dress from Sew Over It was one of them! I always enjoy testing for Lisa and the ladies on the Sew Over It team as they really do value and incorporate the feedback from their testers. It's not just a last minute 'quick let's get a few other people to sew this up so they'll blog about it' they use it as a key part of the process to iron out every tiny mistake and make the final release the best it can be. Blogging about what I've made is never a requirement and sometimes I don't but I've been dying to share this one with... [read more]
This was the last piece of merino fabric from my somewhat impulse purchase from New Zealand Merino and Fabrics, from a year and a half ago. I guess though since it's been that long, it now qualifies as stash busting, right?

I had a specific idea of what I wanted this top to be, but without really having a clear picture in my head (if that makes sense). Since I'd already made a simple lightweight hoodie, and a vest, I wanted something different. I wanted a slightly longer top, with a zipped up collar. I also though that adding some gathers to the side could bring some interest. And I also wanted a regular set-in sleeve (no raglan), and princess seams at the bust...

With all these requirements, I was looking around for patterns that would work. It was harder than I thought actually, even though the concept of a half-zip is pretty simple. I went... [read more]

A couple of months ago now an old favorite sew popped up in my facebook memories...

I swoooooned at the grace of what feels now like a total baby (she was three), the gorgeous Kate Spain Paradiso fabrics, and of course - the elegant VFT Annabelle chevron maxi

You see, I'm in a mad dash to rewind time and get my baby back re-sew all those patterns I got for my infant/toddler daughter that I have long since forgotten... but are still excellent patterns worth sewing again before she ages out of the size range. (This particular pattern goes to 10Y, so she's only halfway there!)

The only problem was.. this was a very impractical day-to-day sew at it's maxi length. I figured, if I skipped the bottom tier, I could make a more kindergarten-friendly length dress... AND reduce the fabric reqs to where I could use 1 and 1/2 yard cuts of fabric I'd hoarded for a... [read more]

Hi everyone! Guess what? I have a new sewing machine!

And it’s actually new!

So obviously it’s from Singer and it’s mine until they give me something else.

But don’t get too green with envy ok?

(Hehe, see what I did there?)

Because guess what? My machine is green and you’ll be tickled pink when you see the raspberry version I have to give away to one lucky NZ reader!

Keep reading… 🙂

So what’s this machine all about? It’s a Singer Simple 3223, an entry level mechanical sewing machine aimed at beginners and here in NZ it comes in green (ok, aqua) and raspberry.

So pretty.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. I am not a beginner sewist. At the most you might catch me calling myself advanced intermediate. So you might be thinking, why did they give you this machine? Good question!

When I think about my current machine (it’s not... [read more]

It’s Fashion Revolution Week. A call to arms for shoppers, suppliers, makers and the world at large to think about … More
In an attempt to save myself time and headaches, there comes a point where we need to just press publish!!  I pressed publish today!!  I broadcast Live to everyone, to see exactly what works and to speak to my entire audience LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and CrowdCast.   

Thanks to those who joined me...
while I was testing out a new presentation platform in an effort to communicate better with you, my online community, that will help to save myself some valuable time and bring you more great content!!   You can watch this live (replay) here on the blog or click the link to join me on the Crowdcast website here:

powered by crowdcast

Hallo iedereen,

Het heeft even geduurd maar hier zijn de foto’s van “the making off” my pink wedding dress!
Ik had niet specifiek een lichtroze kleur in mijn gedachten, tenslotte zou het enkel in de avond gedragen worden. Maar als je oog op een bepaalde stof valt, dan ben je gewoonweg verliefd.

**Hey everybody,
It did take a while but here are finally the photo’s of “the making off” my pink wedding dress! I didn’t have a specific pink colour in mind, because it was going to be worn in the evening. But when my eye first laid on this beautiful fabric, I just fell in love!

Pailletten op tule, voor mij was dit de meest moeilijke stof waar ik ooit mee gewerkt had. Omdat dit tule was, moest ik nog een stof eronder naaien. Ik heb gekozen voor een bijpassende roze pastelkleur, deze bestaat uit een luxueuse microvezel stof. Heel dicht geweven en vooral kreukvrij,... [read more]

(Friends, I started writing this post in November, now it is almost May and I had completely forgotten about it.  For the sake of posterity, I will post it in its unfinished form--clearly my title was spot on!)

The PR Sewing Bee is over.  I was not the winner, and I was pretty down about it.  I knew after the 4th round entries were posted, I had some real competition, but I also felt that I was one of the top contenders.  Sigh.  Needless to say after 6 weeks of mad sewing (and in the case of Round #3, angry sewing) I was completely wiped out.   

Now that my Bee recovery is over and Halloween costumes are done, I can revisit my Round #4 entries.

The challenge was to make a Day to Night Outfit.  I made a lined jacket, a lined sheath dress, and a sequined bolero.

I used Butterick 5147 Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern for the jacket and dress.

DIY Boat Neck Sweater Tutorial

I can announce proudly without any shame that this is the fifth sweater I've made using the Grainline Hemlock Tee pattern.  

I can also announce that I've bought enough fabric to make two more versions for summer... because #cantstopwontstop. 

You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.You can sew your own cozy blue boatneck sweater like this using a FREE pattern! Click through for the full, illustrated tutorial.

Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how I made this boat-neck version of the Hemlock sweater. This version has a higher neckline than the original pattern (so no more sliding off your shoulders) that will look super on-trend for spring.

If you're looking for the perfect transitional sweater that looks like summer but is warm enough to get you through days that feel like winter, this is it. 

This tutorial is suitable for anyone with basic sewing skills, but previous experience sewing with knits is a plus. Although we will be making... [read more]

I don’t even know where to start on this one – let’s start with all the good and I’ll share my woes at the end! If you haven’t checked out the Lodo Dress from True Bias, you should stop reading this and go and check it out (but then come back and read the rest!).

The Lodo Dress is a knit dress pattern with a new take on the t-shirt dress. It comes in two views – a shorter view (seen here) and a more midi length with a slit in the back. It is designed for stable knits such as ponte, scubas and the like.

I love True Bias – I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Kelli in the Fall at Stitch Sew Shop and made the Southport Dress that I just love! We had the best time that weekend and you can read all about it here. I am heading to Camp Workroom Social this fall and am so excited to see her again (anyone else heading there too??).

I am... [read more]

What a great time in the sewing world! Fashion Revolution Week is leading us right up to Me Made May. If you haven't spent a small portion of this week thinking about garment manufacturing, I encourage you to do so now!

Many years ago, shortly after I started sewing, I read the book Overdressed (reviewed on my blog here) which is about fast fashion and the real cost of cheap clothes. Some time after that, I read Women in Clothes (review here), which contains short stories, poems, and essays from women about their clothing. There was one essay that stuck with me. It was the story of the Rana Plaza collapse, as told from one of the survivors.

She was trapped in the building for days on end, watching coworkers die around her, hearing the sounds and screams of injured people, and all for what? So Americans could have a closet full of cheap clothes that they don't even wear?... [read more]

basic macrame knots -

We’re in the middle of an epidemic. Macramania! Ropes, cord, knots and lots more crazy bondage designs are invading our nests. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it. The ancient art of macrame (rope-weaving) originated in the 13th century. Since then, those first primitive knot designs used by Assyrian sailors have made their way from fishing vessels to our mothers’ living rooms (plant hangers) to our daughters’ wrists (friendship bracelets.) And now today’s generation is hanging intricate wall-hangings in their digs. 

Ready to hop aboard? Macrame is really not that difficult once you learn a few basic knots.

Lark’s Head Knot

In most macrame projects, a simple knot is used to attach the rope to the pole. It is called the Lark’s Head Knot.

basic macrame knot -

larks head knot -

Square Knot

The most common macrame knot is the Square Knot, and many beautiful wall-hangings can be made just... [read more]

There are two types of sewists when it comes to sewing things for babies. There are those that look at pattern pieces for pockets and say “That’s silly, she won’t be needing the pockets. I’ll just leave them off for simplicity’s sake.” And then there are those of us that go “Squee!! Tiny pocketses!!” By looking at the photos of Evelyn’s latest pants, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess which camp I fall into :)

I know that babies grow in spurts, but I swear I just blinked and all of the sudden Evie only had 2 pairs of pants that fit her.  Since I try to avoid doing laundry every single day (though sometimes that seems to be inevitable), I grabbed the couple pair of pants that fit her from our island thrift store and I made her a couple of pairs myself. Though it is tempting to dress Evelyn only in garments made from my Electron Layette (since I happen to adore the patterns and they’re... [read more]

Say thanks to the women in your life  and the handmade creations they make with something that she'll love.  Below I listed some gift ideas that I think any crafty mom would like.   Sewing Class All Crafty moms will love … Read More

The post 10 Gift Ideas for a Crafty Mom appeared first on My Handmade Space.

Hi sewists! We are right smack-dab in the middle of Fashion Revolution Week, which got the Workroom Social team thinking about the fashion supply chain and our role in it as consumers (and as makers).

It’s overwhelming to consider how much is at stake when you shop for fashion: labor practices, environmental costs, and even copyright issues. And for those of us who sew a lot, we still have to wonder about the origin of our fabric and other supplies.

So I thought this might be a good time to highlight some of my favorite companies who are already having a positive influence in fashion and fashion sewing.

Knitwear brand: Kordal

Kordal - Ethically responsible sustainable knitwear brand

KORDAL is a fashion knitwear company whose mission is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying their workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend-focused, and using natural fibers when possible. Designer Mandy Kordal... [read more]

A few weeks ago I shared my tie-front tee project, prefacing my blog post with a list of "been there, done that" trends that I swore to never recreate. Topping the list was a project from the Spring of 2015 (photographed in the neighborhood I now live in, long before I thought we'd ever move out of the suburbs and into the city! But I digress...) - a "Rachel Green-inspired" pair of overalls for Sew the Show. (Remember that?? We should really bring that series back, it was one of my favs!)


I went all heart-faced emoji seeing photos of them again, having long since purged them from my closet. "Why??" I thought, clicking over to the post for a walk down memory lane. "Why would I have donated THESE?"

And... [read more]

Heeey Ya'll it's really raining outside so this post if perfect for a DIY Raincoat! I teamed up with @TabithaSewer  for this adventure in creating our own DIY raincoats. I have so many rain puns on my mind right now it's ridiculous but I will start with my theme music for this post. In the words of New Edition "Sunny days, everybody loves them. Tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms will come, This we know for sure (This we know for sure) Can you stand the rain?? Whoaaa, Whoaaa, Can you stand the rainnnnn?

OK so let's get started. When I thought about raincoats I knew I wanted to use vinyl for this project but the task was to figure out what gauge to use. Ha! did you even know that they were sold by weight, known as gauges? Well they are and I knew this because I have sewn purses with vinyl.
[#1: 16g/ #2:top left 4 g/#3 top right thin vinyl/... [read more]

I’ve been dreaming up this series for a while now and finally got around to getting it going! Everyone is always looking for a great tee-shirt pattern – and, understandably, everyone has different “requirements” for that perfect tee shirt. You’re reading the first installment of my summer series – The Search for the Perfect T-Shirt. I thought it’d be fun to kick it off with a free pattern from Deer and Doe – The Plantain Tee.

In each post you’ll find all sorts of information about the pattern, the variations offered, the ease of construction, the fit and how it turned out! Here’s just a tasting of the patterns I plan on tackling this summer as part of the series:

  • Lark Tee from Grainline Studios
  • Union Street Tee from Hey June Handmade
  • Agnes Top from Tilly and The Buttons
  • Molly Top from Sew Over It
  • Renfren Top from Sewaholic
  • Briar Tee... [read more]
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Hi there, I’m so excited to share with you McCalls 7573! This is the year of the sleeve, and I really love this sleeve! I’m channeling my inner Texan with the mix of boots and denim. I love this light weight gauze, it makes this top so feminine and cool. I was concerned that all the layers on this top would be heavy and hot, but it was nice and cool. I don’t usually show off my shoulders, but this is the year of the sleeve and the shoulder. Cold shoulder patterns have been trending lately and I really like the romantic mix of cold shoulder and dramatic sleeves!

Pattern Name: McCalls 7573

Size Range: 14-22 (Bust 44″, Waist 37″, Hip 46″)

What size did you make? 22, View B

What are your…

Measurements: 46-38-49

Body Shape: Rectangle/ figure 8

Height: 5’9”

Bra Size: 40DDD

What adjustments did you make and how long did they take:

Because of the ease in the pattern, it... [read more]

Its that time of year again, dust off your selfie sticks me made may is upon us! [LOL you don't actually need a selfie stick but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to take full outfit pictures if you have one. Mine was £1 from Tesco but if you know anyone under the age of 20 they probably have one you can borrow!]  Anyway Sozo explains it far better than I ever could so if you want to

Project Runways duvet challenge was all that you’d have expected.

It’s was the seasons most adsorbant challenge yet. 

Wanda never left her purse on the bus again, but wasn’t pleased about her mothers solution.

Elmo….ELMO? Dear God what have you done???

Louise was never allowed back in the textile museum unsupervised again….

Does it make my hips stand out?

Purse or American girl doll canopy bedding?

Did you lose your quilt, honey?

Photo credits-

I’ve been making lots of grey items this year, it’s a colour I really like, especially for the winter.  It’s going to be overtaken by blue for the spring and summer soon!  Back in January, or maybe even February, I finally made the Lark Tee.  It had been on the list to make last Spring, then bumped to Autumn, and now it’s finally done.

The fabric is a pale silvery grey viscose jersey from Croft Mill Fabric, also bought early last year.  It is lovely and soft, with good drape.  I used the copy shop version of the Grainline Studio pattern, this being the first pattern from Grainline that I’ve made.  I chose the scoop neckline with three quarter sleeves.  I made a 3cm FBA, which I now think I could have done without in the size I made – either that or add the FBA to the smaller size.

The instructions are clear and concise, there’s not much to making a tee really!  The... [read more]

The popular Independent Publisher design is a WordPress theme that has long been beloved for its simplicity and legibility. So we are happy to announce that it has been improved, ever so slightly, with the design talents of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad.

Introducing Independent Publisher 2:

Independent Publisher was first designed, developed, and released four years ago by Raam Dev in his introductory post to the Independent Publisher Project:

“I’ve been using WordPress for the past 8 years and in that time my site has always had a modified version of someone else’s theme. I always found it easier to start with a theme created by someone else and simply modifying it until I had it the way I wanted.” —Raam Dev, 2013

I recently caught up with Raam to learn about the origins of Independent Publisher.

JM: How did Independent Publisher come to be?

RD:... [read more]

This marathon has been entwined with writing my book since the day talks began with my publisher, as the deadline for the writing has always been the day after the marathon. Some people groan when I tell them that, but honestly, the day after is perfect. If the deadline was a week or two after the marathon, my head would’ve been full of all the things I needed to finish and stress on getting everything done. Having the deadline the day after meant everything was already finished, I could relax, and use the race not only as a celebration of all my hard training, but a celebration of writing a freaking book, too!

My publishers asked if I wouldn’t mind running the marathon in designs from the book to help with marketing down the line, and as it turned out, I was able to squeeze in not only a pair of shorts but a top as well! I’ve run all 6 of my previous... [read more]

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