I’ve had a very trying week warping up the loom for my huck lace top. But like most things, you learn so much when things go bad.

This is a warp chain of 700 threads. It is the first time that I’ve used so many threads for a warp. The most I’ve used before was around the 250-300 mark. Each shaft has had an extra 100 heddles added to it. The warp is a 10/2 cotton, supposedly mercerised, but quite dull looking. I’d used it to do my sampler, so I wasn’t expecting any problems. I finished the initial cone and started on another.

Warp chain – 700 threads

I learnt to warp front to back, which starts by sleying the reed. For this warp, there are two threads per dent. Since I still had the threading from my sampler, I tied the centre 150 threads onto the old warp to save time. At this point, I thought it was strange that the threads were looking... [read more]

It's been cold a lot here lately.  Even when we have a ridiculously warm temperature in the forecast it'll go something like this, "Thursday's high -3C... with a windchill making it feel like -35C"  What?!?!  Why can't we have anything nice??? Quit playing with us, Mother Nature.  At this point it's just rude.

So along with cold comes a great need for cozy, comfortable clothes.  I'm all about jerseys and pontes these days!  I had some quilted jersey from Blended Threads that I wanted to use for possibly another Grainline Linden, but then one of the Facebook groups I belong too was planning a sew along for the Hey June Halifax Hoodie.  Since I have a Linden already, I thought I'd branch out.  I made view E of the Halifax, but lengthened it significantly (too much maybe?), because while I really loved the cowl neckline and the interest of the front... [read more]

Thanks for all the love on the Active Leggings posts from earlier this week – I’ve been getting such lovely comments on the inclusive aims of the book and the tutorial to make these for the men in your life, too. Unfortunately I’ve come down with the flu this week so apologies that this post is a bit later than I’d planned and if I’m quiet next week – I’d planned to showcase a design a week but I may have to take a week off and push everything back if my body doesn’t allow it…

But I really wanted to show off a bunch of versions of the Active Leggings that I’ve made for myself, but also two made by others, too, as it’s just such a great design and one that works for so many different activities, too!

First up is a version I made early last year – even before I’d finished writing the book, as I distinctly remember wearing these to the book photoshoot in... [read more]

I’m so excited about my latest DIY project – a beautiful little macrame table runner! Although I’ve seen some more intricate ones that I … More easy macrame table runner »

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Today is already our final day of the Literary Sewing Circle focusing on Dance, Gladys, Dance! I hope you've had the chance to read the book, and the inspiration posts, and are already getting lots of ideas for a project of your own. 

The project linkup will be added to the bottom of this post: as soon as you are done yours just pop a link to your project post into the linkup and we will all be able to visit your post and explore your creation -- remember, it can be sewn, or knitted, crocheted, embroidered... any textile art which you practice. 

Today's post also gives us the chance to talk about our reading experience a little more. If you haven't yet had a chance, check out our first discussion post for some specific questions and feedback from readers -- also take a look at the interview which Cassie Stocks did for us and see if it raises... [read more]

What’s she on about now?

Preparing to cut out took longer than expected!  On the cutting table, two more Style Arc Lani tunics.  Now, the first one turned out nicely, but I dodged the FBA bullet by making the fronts out of jersey…and there’s still a little evidence that an FBA would have helped [I don’t care though, it still gets worn a lot!]

So, I braved an FBA- well 2 actually, as one side has a princess seam, and the other a little dart, which is too high.  I shifted them both to a lower side dart, as ham-fistedly as any of my ventures into ‘proper’ pattern alteration or drafting.  The FBAs of course resulted in having to slightly widen the lower front panels too, but extra room for my ever-increasing girth is no bad thing.  I’m going to try to put a pocket in on both sides this time.

Then I cut out one in this lovely Alexander Henry animal print [which, oddly... [read more]

Okay so fitting is the bane if every dressmakers life. I mean it's all well and good if you've got a handy second person to help you but what if your alone? Or what if the second person doesn't know what their doing?  So here's a post about all the thoughts that go through my head when I'm fitting........ It's time to fit......... • I should have basted the seams.... Why didn't I

Hi fellow Sewcialist! I am Martha from @garichild on Instagram and contributor for Sewn magazine.  When you get a chance to peruse my me-made wardrobe, you will notice my love for Ankara fabric 😍. The bold patterns, colors, styles… yup I am ABSOLUTELY enamored with everything about it!!! So when I saw this striped beauty in Ankara fabric I knew I had to have it.GariChild_AnkaraStripes2

Stripes?!?! My sew sisters questioned my vision for a minute but how can you not see the stripes in this fabric?!

According to Oxford Dictionary:
stripe: strīp/   plural noun: stripes
1. A long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length, differing in color or texture from the surface on either side of it.

Yup that sounds about right because I pretty much can spot stripes in everything. Spot…Stripes…🤣😂🤣😂 I’m such a nerd.  Blame it on my engineering brain. Ok ok ok back to... [read more]

Today I would like to introduce the winner of the award for most impossible top to photograph! Neither the rich forest green colour or beautiful back detail of this sweater was feeling very cooperative when it came to being captured on camera but I persisted and hopefully you will get the gist of how beautiful this garment is! If there is one thing I love making (and in turn wearing) its comfortable everyday clothing with a twist and the Sirius top from I Am Patterns totally nails that for me. I also love challenging myself and trying something new with my sewing and the pleated section in the centre back which runs into a placket at the top was certainly that.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Forest Green I Am Patterns Sirius Top in Merino Jersey and Lace from The Fabric Store

I've had my eye on Sirius since it was released a while back and when I met Marie-Emmeline in London in January she'd brought a selection of her patterns with her to very generously... [read more]

The Ruby Dress Circle Skirt Constructions includes: Attaching the Circle Skirt to the Bodice Sewing and finishing the back seam Finishing the hemline   Step 1: Attaching the Circle Skirt RST (right sides together), pin the bodice to the circle skirt. … Read More

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Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI

One of the reasons I chose to work with upcycled materials is that using burlap coffee sacks gives me the option to make something completely unique. Although there are a lot of independent fabric designers, it can be difficult to find a fabric, print or woven, that is truly one of a kind. Repurposing burlap means that I get to use select cuts of burlap sacks and that burlap has flaws that are completely authentic to that burlap sack alone. Even the same burlap sack print can be used, but the sack has characteristics that are completely unique to the path it took to find its way onto my sewing machine.

With that, I'm here today to share my latest design featuring an incredible bold, graphic print. I'm calling this large burlap zipper case the Black Dot zipper pouch. It features black text and graphics on the burlap, a brown, soft faux suede... [read more]
From left to right, top row to bottom row:
Elastic Waist Shorts - Thread Theory Jedediah (seen previously here and here)
Hoodie - Clothes for All Seasons
Pajama Set- Vogue 8964

Chinos - Clothes for All Seasons
Button Down shirt - Liesl & Co. All Day Shirt
Trench Coat - Japanese coat book

Pea Coat - Thread Theory (or Japanese coat book)
Tee shirt - Clothes for All Seasons
Boxers - Clothes for All Seasons

Is the first 2018 resolution post you've seen? I mentioned in my post about Japanese menswear sewing books that I want to sew more menswear, and although I've never participated in #makenine before (since I usually change my mind about things a hundred times and also, make way more than nine things in a year) I've decided that nine is the perfect goal amount of men's clothing for a year, especially since I've made Alex mayyybe 9 things total in all the years I've been... [read more]

Last month a small parcel from Ikea completely changed my sewing life. Below you see the before picture. Can you spot the difference?

Apart from a few bits and bobs (and way more fabric) the set up is still very much the same as when the room was featured in Love Sewing Magazine two years ago. I absolutely love the two Ikea Melltorp tables. Stable and indestructible with iron legs and a melamine top that is moisture and stain resistant. During projects I write little reminders about seam allowances or top stitching directly on the table top, knowing it's all easily removed when I'm done. So far tracing wheels, scissors or other tools haven't caused a single scratch since I started using the table twins five years ago. Why two identical tables? One is holding my sewing machine and overlocker while the other one is used for everything else.

Planning... [read more]
It’s rare that I wait years between patterns, and probably even more rare that I reorder a favorite fabric. Both of those things happened with this project!

If you haven’t tried a jogger pattern by now you’re missing out! So comfy, and lucky for moms everywhere athleisure is a real thing. I made some Hudson Joggers a few years ago and they’ve gotten a lot of wear. The fit was a little bit off, so I’ve been looking forward to trying it again with a few adjustments.

The fabric is cotton/modal French terry from The Fabric Store. I used it before for this Hey June Lane/Halifax hack. It is AMAZING. I couldn’t resist ordering more, all the way from New Zealand. Worth it.

The fabric isn't really pulling,
the problem is my hands in my pockets.

I used the loop side for the pocket accents, the waistband, and the ankle cuffs. I like the bit of contrast. For the drawstring, I... [read more]

Apologies for the late review of this issue, but considering the March edition hasn’t quite appeared on newsstands here in London yet, I think I’m technically still within the right timeframe. I know how much you all enjoy these roundups so I’m trying to post them whenever I can, but I hope you appreciate that my book posts take precedence (and a huge amount of time!).

So let’s dig in to this issue and see what we can find…

First up is the Petite pattern for this issue – a blouse with wide, bracelet-length sleeves and a front placket. But the real interest is that back view! You’ll definitely want to choose a lightweight, floaty fabric for this to avoid having too much bulk back there and also allowing those layers to float beautifully. This one’s also got step-by-step illustrated instructions which should help in figuring out how the layers are folded.


Today I have a guest post on the Elizabeth Made This blog about my creations for the Day and Night Dress Challenge. Here’s a little sneak peek. Please take a look at the full post at Elizabeth Made This. Advertisements

Jamie's FF Hoodie

There’s something you should know about my husband: He loves the Fantastic Four! I mean, LOVES the Fantastic Four!

Jamie's FF Hoodie

There are FF prints in our staircase, in our hallway, in our living room, AND in our bedroom! On top of that, his comic book room is awash with FF blue, posters, figures, and of course, original comics from 1961 onwards!

Why the Fantastic Four? There have been a lot of weak movie versions, so it’s not a popular or well-understood team… but in Jamie’s words,

The FF are about exploration and working to understand the unknown, both in the worlds beyond ours and in the nature of what makes strong relationships. There are adventures into unknown dimensions and mysterious worlds, and relationship ups and downs, but you can always count on the FF to solve the problem as a team.

What makes the book, and specifically the characters, so special in... [read more]


I've had my eye on both these patterns since they were released and they did not disappoint! I bought the StyleArc Sadie Tunic pattern after seeing Blogless Anna's gorgeous versions here and here. I've had this silk for quite some time after snatching it up at a local Morrison sale. I think quite a few of the Perth sewers have the same fabric. It is soft and dreamy to wear. I'm not even going to tell you what my teenage son said about the print. I think it's rather elegant!

The standout feature of this pattern is the sleeve design. It is so cool and interesting and I should have got a better picture of it. I was careful to follow the instructions and it was fairly straightforward to put together.

I also love the curved hem and the neckline and just everything really. The proportions seem to work very well together.

The back has a centre seam to... [read more]

I bought a Craftsy class taught by Svetlana Sotak with some zippered pouch patterns. I loved it so much that I bought a couple of her other patterns too and I’ve been having fun sewing bags.

I have been slowly adding them to my Etsy shop and I plan to make more styles and kinds. Here are some pictures of a few of the ones I’ve made so far.

So this was my second year of attending the CHSI stitches show and it was just as inspiring as the first time!!!  Basically its a trade show so the majority of people are wondering round making business deals and then there's me looking to see whats new that's coming out taking lots of pictures and making notes!!!   A few brands were kind enough to give me samples so expect a few posts on

Kaliyana is one of my favourite designers, but she does not accept returns when buying online, and as I am in Australia I have no chance of popping into one of her stores to try before I buy. So I have to keep admiring her from afar. Being a sewist, that admiration of course translates into making my own versions of some of her designs. That is probably fortunate, as I am not very tall (161cm) and need to scale down the proportions to suit my frame.


When I first saw her anti-suit, I absolutely loved the concept and wanted one of my own. I started with the shirt and was rewarded with a really nice white shirt now residing in my wardrobe, which comes in terribly handy when we have important clients coming who might not appreciate my more eccentric Lagenlook outfits. It is not exactly conservative, but a white shirt always looks business like.

20180221_074746Pretty Grievances

Let’s get it out of the way- I think the designers name sounds like the Artful Dodger announcing somesones parents are dead. Ok, we can Move on now. Thank you.

‘Warm seaweed sheets lightly before placing on the sushi mat’

Kelly Buddy- phone call for Kelly Buddy-

What? Come on guys, do I have spinach on my teeth?Evelyn was so flu’y miserable, but the kids needed to be at the bus drop off by 6:50…

Suddenly I’m remembering how much my 6th grade heart hated Heather Hagopian who had the best collection of these blouses. Oh, I wished her ill. when young models in the wild are learning to walk, they often wear protective padded knee pants.

Friday night was date night at the tuna cannery-I want that to be a Wookie backpack-

This is my signature hem-Line this trench and send it to me now!I love you to the calves and back!Photo credits:

One of my favourite things about the block-based approach to the designs in my “Sew Your Own Activewear” book is that you can use just about any block patterns as your starting point – not just the ones I’ve included in the book.

As I say on page 16, “The included blocks are designed for women in the sizes shown in these size charts, but if you’re not a woman or your body doesn’t match any of the measurements in the size charts, using your own block means that these designs could work for children, men, disabled people, trans people and non-binary folks, those who prefer modest clothing and those whose measurements are beyond the size range here. There really is no limit: if you’ve got a body, you can exercise, and if you can sew, you can make activewear.”

It’s one thing for me to say all of this, but it’s another entirely for me to show... [read more]

As fashions from the past resurface with new generations, they summon a myriad of emotions, from excitement to dread. So, if you’re one of … More retrofitted – jumpsuits »

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