Around this time every year I begin willing the weather to be cooler by bringing out my warmer clothes and wearing them regardless of how ridiculous I might look. That usually means jeans, booties and a lightweight sweater. However, I think I found my new go-to fall outfit, the Cleo Skirt and Nikko Top. What makes it even better is that these are two simple and fairly quick sews!


First up: the Nikko Top by True Bias! I sewed up View B, the top length with long sleeves, using this super soft rib knit from Blackbird Fabrics.  To be honest, I stressed out a bit when deciding on what size to make.  My current size put me between a 6-10 depending upon the measurement. Then from the finished garment measurements I was afraid of top constantly riding up if I sewed up a straight size 6 or that the top would be way too big if I sewed up a straight size 10.... [read more]

When you say DP Studio, 'easy to make' isn't a phrase that usually comes to mind. But after spending more time than necessary building myself up to making the Le411, I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it was to sew in comparison to my last DP make (this coat) - and no mean feat considering I relied on Google to translate the instructions from French! Whilst some of their patterns are almost too fashion forward, this is one garment that totally hits the mark in terms of cool yet completely wearable.

DP Studio Le411 
The pattern sits alongside a collection by DP Studio in a special 'couture' edition of French magazine Modes et Travaux. From what I can understand, they seem to be working with different French pattern companies to release special issues, each with a collection of patterns from that designer (French speakers correct me if I'm... [read more]
Click through the links in the above graphic to see all the posts ITS about time I sewed up the Free Uvita pattern* from Itch to Stitch (ITS) to wear this fall with my Liana jeans. What Itch to Stitch pattern have you been putting off making? Now’s the time to get it figured out, … Continue reading ITS Time To Sew an Uvita

Hi All,

While I am still sewing, I make jewellery

I’m slowly learning different methods such as wrapping and linking pieces together

Here’s my tiny amythest pieces

These are my favourite from the collection and the first piece I made

This is a photo, not sure why it’s come out as a video.

At this present time, I’ve made one of these earrings as I may make a necklace instead

I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest as these bracelets were on my make list

I have loads more jewellery makes on my instagram story on @montanadesignz

Happy Crafting



#Scenaries, #World Porn

Shirts are great layering pieces, don’t you think?  I made two last month, one for each of the daughters, and although they’re both in fairly fine fabrics, with the addition of something underneath, they’ll be wearable for a while still.  Daughter No1 was the recipient of a fine off-white linen shirt, pattern is 104 from May Burda 2012.  The fabric had been in the stash for ages!  It’s beautiful though, very soft and very fine, the best linen for making shirts!

white linen 1

I cut the 36 and made no alterations.  In hindsight I should have graded out to the 38 from the waist to the hip.  This pattern made up a fair bit smaller than I expected for a Burda magazine.  There is a concealed buttonstand with a row of simple buttons hidden underneath.  The sleeves are bracelet length but if I made this again I’d either go 3/4 or full length.  I think this length looks like they’re too... [read more]

Hi Readers!

As we’re in the midst of the “Shirts and Shirtmaking” theme for the #CurvyYearofSewing, it seemed apropos to share one of my latest shirts with you.  I’ve been working on my fall/winter vintage casual wardrobe for some time and this shirt fits right into it.  It’s still a bit warm where I live in California, but this short-sleeved shirt will be a great transitional and layering piece for me as we move into cooler weather.

Pattern Name:  Decades of Style #4008 1940’s Rodeo Gal Shirt

Size Range:  Bust sizes 30″-46″

What size did you make? Graded up to 1-2 sizes (The new Decades of Style patterns have an increased size range, but this pattern is an older one before the size increase)

What are your…..

Measurements: 48-41-52
Body Shape: Pear-ish/Spoon
Height: 5’8
Bra size: 44D

What adjustments did you make and how long did... [read more]

Modern W A Side Of Ranch (Kansas City)
Modern W A Side Of Ranch (Kansas City)

Before we get into today’s post, a quick reminder that the survey to vote on the upcoming theme months for the Sewcialists is open for another two days!  Visit this post to cast your vote!

On to today’s business, everyone — I need your help!

I have a problem, a challenge, an ethical conundrum! I have a sewing dilemma!  (DRAHMAH!) I would really like your advice on how to proceed because I am flip flopping big time…


My dilemma relates to a pattern release I recently stumbled across.  I love this pattern and, having never come across the company before, was very excited to find a new source of patterns that spark something in me.

I rushed to their site, to purchase same and live my best life in a new, uber-chic dress in our coming Sydney summer.

Maria - sound of music

I would be like this, but with a much nicer dress on….

I got to their site and… they don’t go up to my size. ... [read more]

I’ve been thinking about something lately… the idea of being plus-size.

Perhaps surprisingly, for much of the time I was an editor at the Curvy Sewing Collective, I wasn’t sure if I felt “plus-size” myself. At the time, I was 42-36-47, and usually sewed a size 14-16-or-18.


Wearing one of the first Cashmerette patterns in November 2015! The photo I used for my CSC bio was from this photoshoot, so it’s a good record of my size at the time. I still wear a fair number of clothes from this era. 

Now I’m two inches larger everywhere, and ended up sewing a 16-18-or-20, so really, nothing much has changed tangibly… but at some point in the last year or two, being “plus-size” became part of my identity! I think what has changed for me is that I feel a kinship between myself and other sewists my size and larger… and at the same time,... [read more]

Refashion, a definition: taking an existing garment and turning it into something else - usually another garment.

The Refashioners: The brainchild of the incomparable Portia Lawrie of Makery who - for, I think, six Septembers now - has aimed to promote the practice of reusing unwanted garments and making them into something wanted by hosting The Refashioners. She gives a handful of sewing bloggers a brief and features their refashioned makes each day throughout September. Then during October, she encourages the wider sewing community to refashion their own creation for the chance of winning some awesome prizes.

This year I was delighted when Portia asked if I’d like to be involved, having been totally amazed by the creations I’ve seen in previous years. I mean this suit refashion is just mind-blowing. And well this from this year - floored.

The brief this year is... [read more]

Drafted & made new swim trunks today. Now I wonder: would you like to see a #freesewing pattern for this 🤔

I’ve had trouble writing posts lately. I realized today I’m feeling entirely deflated by the political climate, both here in Ontario and abroad. Once upon a time I naively thought that political processes in my part of the world could, for the most part, be conducted with reason and civility, with evidence at the heart of decision-making. How quickly that changed. Anyway, I’m not here to discuss politics, but I’m having a hard time writing about sewing. (Maybe it’s because I’ve diverted so much of my writing time to writing letters to various Ministers and Members of Provincial Parliament.) I thought maybe just focusing on some of the many things I have to be grateful for — along with pics and a few comments about my Aster top from Colette — might help me get started. So here goes.

I’m grateful I know how to sew! Sewing is a superpower. I amaze... [read more]

Does this look at all familiar?
No. Slight resemblance on the style lines, but... no.

I've had the Butterick for years. And pulled it out thinking it was older and wouldn't it be nice to wear a repro of a Great War dress for a lecture on said subject , regarding the 100th anniversary?
Well, no. It's 20s.
The 1916/1919 dates on the pattern are for the trademarks and patents for the company. 
if you want to read a little on the madness of this subject.

Past patterns says this is from 1923.24, and while I think it's older than that, I have no proof and defer to Ms Altman's knowledge base and collection.
Mostly, I want to know what sorts of fabrics this would have been made from , and get some comparative images to work from. The drawings are... [read more]

My husband hasn’t had a me-made article for a LONG time. I bought some bamboo fleece for him last year. This year he clicked through my collection of Thread Theory patterns on my computer. He chose the Finlayson jumper. He liked the roll collar. I had the AO file printed. I don’t do the PDF taping dance anymore.

I measured one of his favourite jumpers across the chest and from the neck to wrist. I used the XXL pattern and took a bit of length from the sleeves. The drafting is excellent and the instructions are good.

But I had dramas with the collar. It took me two goes to get it in the right way. Then I had to unpick the cover stitching and re-do it.



I’m still not happy with how it looks, but for a first attempt it is OK.






Most importantly, my husband likes it and wore it all day on Father’s day.

The details:

Pattern – Finlayson from... [read more]

Back in July, I noticed a few blog posts floating around on making your own shoes and happened to spy a pre-order offer from Melissa of A Happy Stitch for an “espadrilles kit”. Now, I’ve always liked the look of espadrilles, but along with loafers or any shoe with a stiffer upper portion, I have issues with sizing. I have quite a high arch, coupled with not-such-slim feet and therefore the opportunity to have a go at making my own really appealed.


I duly pre-ordered the kit and when it arrived – oh wow. I’ll admit it: I’m a superficial sucker for packaging – what can I say? I’m a visual kind of gal. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but I love a thoughtful presentation of things and Melissa has outdone herself. Everything is in one of several hand-printed little bags or fabric swatch cases and there are... [read more]

In February I wrote up my spring/summer sewing plans and although I didn't check off everything on my list, I really enjoyed having my list to refer back to when I was in a slump. I'm back with a fall/winter list with the same expectations: I probably won't make everything that is on this list and I will definitely make things that are not, but it's nice to have!

I still have a few things on my #menswearmakenine grid to make: a peacoat, a trench coat, and the sweatshirt, pants, and tee from the Japanese everyday clothing book I purchased last year. I really want to finish nine separate items, but I might mix it up a little bit in order to complete them all--I doubt both a trench and a pea coat will get competed by the end of the year--but I could definitely do a sweatshirt (I even have the fabric), tee, and try a couple of the different pants patterns. I am... [read more]
Fall is coming soon event thought it still feels like summer. The leaves are still green, the weather is warm (30℃) and everyone is still wearing their summer clothes.
But even though the leaves aren't red or yellow yet it doesn't mean I can't plan my fall sewing. Right? 
I've actually been planning my fall wardrobe since the week before I started school. But unfortunately, the school has been harder than I thought and so I haven't had the time to sit down and sew. Honestly, I've never been so stressed in my entire life (well there was that time...) 😐. Do you have any advice for a first-year university student? Please comment down below (please!).

Recently I started seeing that the colour mustard yellow is everywhere. I think it's a great shade of yellow (looks like leaves anyone?) and it's the perfect fall colour.
I really wish I could get my hands on... [read more]

My Fall Sewing Plans post is a little late because I was considering not doing one.  However, the more I was trying to figure out what I wanted to sew this fall, the more I realized how helpful they are for me to have a list I can easily reference.

I’d love to complete the following items this Fall:

  • Nikko Top – I’ve already made one that I’ll be sharing next week and love it! I’m making a second using this gorgeous rib knit from Blackbird Fabrics
  • York Pinafore – I’m excited to sew this garment because it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone style wise.  However, I’ve seen some beautiful versions on Instagram and they have given me the push I need to try it out! I plan on purchasing this twill.
  • Tabor V-Neck – There has been so much inspiration on Instagram! I plan on sewing up view 1 out of some rib knit from Indiesew. I’d like to sew view 4 at some... [read more]
Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

I have been busy behind the scenes working away at several new sets of burlap zipper pouches for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop! I'm very excited to offer a new bundle set featuring one larger zipper pouch measuring 8" x  9" paired with a small 4" x 6" pouch. You will start seeing more bundles in our shop as we gear up for the holiday season ahead. Our small burlap pouch sets have been very popular, so I'm getting excited to offer more variations in sizes so that you can find matching sets for you or as a gift at a discounted price than buying them as singles. It's also a lot of fun for me to mix and match the designs!

Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

This month, like many, seems to be flying by for me. What originally started as a pretty light month in terms of commitments and plans, it has filled up with lots of fun things for us! The season is changing here in Michigan, and I'm... [read more]

Soooo – considering I’m not a dress person, I have made a second Tea House Dress!!  The first one is the pretty, summer party version, you know the type, only drinks posh edlerflower spritzers and eats cucumber sandwiches – with no crusts.  This dress is very different.  This one drinks tea and eats whatever she can find in the fridge, every day!  I think it’s going to be a bit of a uniform of sorts!

blue tea 4
The Tea House Dress by Sew House Seven

So, the fabric was purchased (yup, not even from the stash!!) from a local hospice charity shop, 3m for £7.50!  It was marked in the selvedge as Made in England, worsted wool.  The ground is blue, with black, making teeny tiny houndstooths.  They’re set within a brighter blue windowpane check.  It’s a good weight suiting fabric, and soft.  I threw it into the washing machine when I got it home from the charity shop on a... [read more]

Man, oh man. This post… This post has been a long time in the making. I started writing it well over a year ago, and it’s taken a lot of time, distance, and reflection to find the words I want to express myself.

Over the last two years, I’ve had some of the best moments of my cosplay life along with some of the worst. I’ve cut out toxic people from my life who I once held dear, solidified friendships with people who are essentially my chosen family, published my work professionally, competed in competitions, judged in many others, guested at several cons, and lots more. And through it all, I’ve struggled with burnout and what it means for me going forward as a seasoned-but-not-quite-veteran cosplayer.

I first started noticing the worst burnout of my cosplay life to date around late February/early March of 2017, almost 5 years since I started... [read more]

My name is Joost, and I approve this deeply feminist message 👏👏👏👏🙌 Reposted from @yuki_wafflepatterns ・・・ Meet my new release 23+Pockets -pocket patterns and sewing instructions-. an assortment of various and functional pocket patterns with fully illustrated sewing instructions. You can arrange and apply these to any of your projects. Hope you make your own design with these! Special discount price until 21st with other popular outer pattern. #wafflepatterns #pockets #sewing  #naaien  #ソーイング #zelfmaakmode

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