Hello! I'm Ebi, a plus sized sewer.
Hello! I’m Ebi, a plus sized sewer. Top is Butterick 6258, pants are Burda 6789.

More and more indie pattern companies and RTW companies are including plus sizes in their lines. So when I heard that Colette was joining those ranks, I was pleased but not particularly interested. After all, I’d never sewn a Colette pattern, and there were issues with a previous pattern. So that would have been that, except I actually saw one of the new plus size patterns.

A little info on Colette’s new inclusive pivot  – they’re now drafting all their patterns on a traditional sized block *as well as* a plus sized block, thereby creating an opportunity for a better fit for larger ladies, as well as the opportunity to fit larger ladies better. And while many brands’ plus sizes stop at 48”/122cm hip, excluding many plus size women, Colette’s size 26 has a generous... [read more]

Meh. Tut, tut. Don’t try to run away- if we have to look, so do you!

Meh 2- the return of the Boots. Were these shots just for set up? Surely the real collection is on its way, right?The Big4 won’t be rushing to put a similar blouse pattern into production. It’s already been done…Point to ponder- fringe: to tuck or not to tuck-sigh- right now I’m more interested in knowing what’s in that blue bag.Will someone please take the boots away??

I wish there was something of interest in this- like a camel- yay!Meh 3- Revenge of the Bland!is is really design when it just inspires you to dig thru your closet for similar? Photo credits:

I was rather thrilled to be contacted by Spoonflower recently and invited to have some fabric printed for a project of my choice. Spoonflower have a massive library of designs to choose from, or you can upload your own design for a completely unique print. 

***DISCOUNT: If you are interested in having fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap printed for your own project, you can get a 10% discount on the Spoonflower website for the next month using the code meggipeg10. The design I created for this jacket can be found here***

I immediately thought I'd like to use my Mum's artwork as the basis for the fabric design. Mum paints a lot of landscapes with a sea of flowers in the foreground. I decided to use just the flowers as the basis for the design and to make a jacket. I chose a painting with lots of blue, khaki and white so it would be wearable with lots of... [read more]
Part of the reason for locating to NC was to live close to area beaches, not right on the beach, nor one or two blocks over.  My beach drive is 30 to 45 minutes away, but that is close enough and affordable.

My DH and I have good friends from high school that still live in our hometown of Danville, VA.  They had plans to go to Myrtle Beach which is two hours away from where we live.  So we took time from unpacking and setting up house to go visit our friends for two days.  It was a lovely break from our current routine.  The weather was perfect as the week before we had a monsoon for several days in a row.

My DH and I are(were) DINKS-double income, no kids.  We love other people's children and got to spend 2 1/2 days with a houseful of young kids and teenagers.  Goodness, they have a lot of energy. There were other adult family members included in the household.  It was... [read more]

Yes, it’s started- I’m already nearly halfway through the first 2 of four modules, and have learned lots about the new exams.  Tiring, but most productive.

I’m still waiting for written confirmation of the job offer so I can hand in my notice, but am feeling SO much better already- sleeping more soundly, no nervous tum from all the adrenaline, no headaches etc.

The term is winding down- GCSE kids are in their 2nd exam as I type, first year A levels are over, 2nd year A levels about to kick off.  In 3 weeks it will all be over, and with any luck, be starting my summer break a little early.  I’ve begun clearing out my cupboard at work already.

And so, what else is there to do but ponder and plan?  I’m unlikely to get much done over the next few weeks, but may manage one or 2 simple items amongst the trials of marking.

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of a few... [read more]

This is probably my favorite photo of my newest swimsuit, looks like it belongs in a perfume ad or something, ;). This was taken while hanging out on deck 10 of my cruise to Nassau and Havana! Cuba was so amazing! As was having the chance to snorkel in the Bahamas, :).

I LOVE this swimsuit!!! This is the Closet Case Patterns Bombshell swimsuit in version B with the ruching in front and back. Their sewalong is super helpful too.

I was having trouble sorting out how to best do an FBA (full bust adjustment) and after emailing Closet Case, I came to the decision to just use the size 20 halter cups instead of a size 12 according to my waist measurements. I used a size 12 waist, grades to a size 14 hips, and size 20 halter cups which I sewed onto a size 12 base (went according to my underbust measurements). The only adjustment I would make in sewing this again is to... [read more]

So after dipping my toes in the water of pattern testing again with Nottingham a few weeks ago, I jumped headlong into applying to test another new pattern from Itch to Stitch* without hesitation.  Normally I would probably avoid tops like the Crystal Cove Cami - spaghetti straps, fitted bust, flowy from the bust down.  Too many fit issues, too much chance of it becoming tent like.  But knowing how Kennis designs her patterns and knowing how well those patterns fit me pretty much "straight out of the package" I was pretty excited to give it a go.

It didn't disappoint.  The straps don't feel flimsy and with her pattern offering different cup sizes to choose from the bust fitting wasn't an issue either. The loose lower bodice feels shaped, not tent-y at all and the back cross over detail is so much fun!

My only discovery was that lightweight fabric and 50km/hr... [read more]

I needed a few more long sleeved tshirts, Grainline Lark to the fore, again.


Long sleeved dark pink linen jersey:


Loving the results from my cover stitch machine.

Long sleeved pastel pink merino jersey:


Finally, one with the sides flared out to be a pyjama top in double brushed polyester:


Can anyone see the problem here?


At least I did it to both sleeves. Sigh!

The details:

Fabric   Dark pink linen – Rathdowne Remnants      $20.00

Pastel merino – The Fabric Store                    $20.00

Cactus double brushed – LA Finch Fabrics   $10.00

Pattern – Grainline Lark – with my own variations. Bought a while ago, used so much that it is effectively free.

Notions – all from stash.

Nuisance factor – gloriously low.

Total = $50.00 for three tops.

Do it again? – Yes. Over and over again with this TNT.


WELL. Well, well, well, well.

It's been five months since I last blogged, which is guess is not so much a break as a sabbatical. A hiatus? Either way, it wasn't intentional, although I did end up spending some of that time wondering whether I was ready to give up blogging. I had pretty much decided that I had, but then Nic and I had a lovely two weeks on holiday and, like the best holidays do, it reminded me about how I feel about myself when I spend time doing things I enjoy, which made me want to get back to writing. Here I am!

The fact is, the world is very crazy at the moment. It is so crazy and overwhelming that it has been almost impossible for me to find the words for any of it. It's been hard because I have so many FEELINGS and there are so many things to have feelings about - where does writing about sewing and shoes and TV fit into... [read more]

My mother's day gift for my Mom finally makes it onto the blog!
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I know those of you who live outside London were disappointed to not be able to attend my all-day activewear masterclass in July and September, but I’ve got great news because you can now learn activewear techniques from me wherever you are!

Yes, I’ve filmed my first video class with Craftsy, which you can watch now!

I was super excited when they approached me at the end of last year because I actually love being on camera (I guess it comes from my Dad buying a video camera when I was still in diapers in the early 1980s!), but I just cannot stand the tedious time-suck that is the whole editing process. So I’ve never had enough patience to set up my own YouTube channel or anything, but being able to share a bunch of activewear sewing tips on camera, with the weight and experience of Craftsy behind me was the perfect solution!

This class has a focus on using a... [read more]


Well y'all, I am making good progress with my #menswearmakenine challenge and checking off boxes like nobody's business... all the easy boxes!! I've already made a lot of Jedediah shorts for Alex and one All Day shirt, so those two items are repeats, but it does mean I can check off the Jedediahs off my make nine square. I decided to throw in some underwear in this post because then this could be an all handmade outfit, inside and out. Pretty cool!

There are no changes to the shorts or shirt patterns from the last time I've made them, but I did try out some new fabrics. The shorts are made in a stretch twill I picked up last year from JoAnn to make myself a pair of Chi Town Chinos that never happened since I really don't wear shorts often. The shirt is a nice blush linen that Alex picked out himself. I think it's really lovely, and will get worn... [read more]

Hey there, readers!

Do you like to wear belts, but have a hard time finding a belt in your size?  Or do you want to wear belts that coordinate with your me-made garments?  Then this tutorial is for you!

Supplies needed

  • Buckle
  • Fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Paper
  • Ruler(s)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Needles & Thread
  • Sewing Machine


  • Awl
  • Velcro

I’ve been making belts for several years and this is my favorite method.  It’s also the quickest and easiest for me.  I will also describe how to sew belts using two other methods.

1.  Measure inside width of buckle.  Double the buckle measurement and add seam allowance x 2 (there will be two pieces of fabric, so you need double the seam allowance that you plan to sew or your belt won’t be wide enough to fit flush on the buckle).   I’m using a prong buckle.  If you’re using a slide buckle, you will follow the same method, except that... [read more]

The plus size community is near and dear to my heart. I’ve felt big all my life – even in highschool when I weight 135 pounds! I’m 50 pounds beyond that now, but thanks to the supportive sewing community, I feel happier, prettier, and more body-positive than I ever have before! For me, it goes to show that size is all about perception, and feeling uncomfortable in one’s skin can happen at any size.


I spent a year and half as one of the editors at the Curvy Sewing Collective, a community that began in 2014 and now has over 100 000 followers! The Curvy Sewing Collective thrives on showing women of all ages and sizes looking fabulous in me-made clothes. After years of seeing beauty represented online in mainstream media, it’s incredibly empowering to feel normal!

That said, there is lots of room for improvement in the sewing world… as a size 18,... [read more]

First off, let me admit that I completely gave up on my “Something old, something new” pledge by the end of the month. It got really hot, and I just wanted to wear clothes that I love!

may 22

May 22: Suki Kimono from Tribute Month 2017 and a Santa Fe tank from who-knows-when. 

I love this Suki kimono hack! The fabric has a very subtle metallic sheen, which makes it extra fun.

May 23

May 23: Comino Cap dress from last June!

May 25

May 24: One of my favourite dresses of all time, my Oona-inspired Tribute Month cocoon dress from last August! 

may 26

May 26: Jorna dress, worn much more than I’d expect in the year since I made it! 

may 27

May 27: Long weekend vibes in this combo of knit TNTs from 2015!

may 28

May 29: Back to work in my Sewing Life Cocoon Dress from this spring!

may 29

May 30: I promised myself I’d wear this Upton maxi in wax print before the end of the month! I... [read more]

A Newsletter-Style Round Up of Life

Like A Newsletter, But Without The GDPR Headache… There are a couple of affiliate links marked * in this post.   This blog post is…

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If your ticket vending machine needs a full-time assistant, you’re doing it wrong.

Every summer, I make a bout...a gaumpty billion versions of the same top/dress. I get that summer's pattern down to where I want it, and then I just crank them out, with slight variations on a theme.
A couple of years ago, I made a shirt based on this pattern.
which turned into a series of woven pullover shirts, after I had refined the armscye fit.

You know the drill: there's the first, then changes, then the second, then more changes...
And I'm leaving out a couple.

This spring started the new one off.

with short sleeves and a new neckline.
Pretty much this shirt is the shoulders and sleeves of the previous shirt, with a new body. A trifle more width in the back between the shoulder.
And no buttonholes. 

I will go to great lengths to avoid buttonholes these days.

Originally, the * top had the semi v-neck. Which looked dumb.

So I picked it out and added seam tape for a... [read more]
It does occur to me that I should have written this post for me made may when everyone was taking 100million selfies a day for instagram but hey ho!  Personally I hate having my picture taken, I'm very awkward in front of a camera and have a pretty gawky smile. I especially hate candid pictures where people take them and I don't know because 60% of the time I'm talking and the other 40% I'm
RIP Kate Spade — Read on I just want to share this post by “The Pretty and the Kitsch”. “…we all struggle and we all need help from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with that”. *Hugs*

Around this time of year I often feel the urge to sew all the rose prints. This is probably triggered by my view from the breakfast table, which is so beautiful in June.

View 2018 and 2015 (Knipmode top)

My most recent rose print summer garment is this Knipmode top, made in 2015. The reason why it took me three years to add another rose covered outfit is that's it's quite a challenge to find a bright print with the right scale. As much as I like Liberty, Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston rose prints on others, they're just not working on me. Imagine my jump for joy when I discovered this (now sold out) large print in the online shop of TST stoffen:

Rayon jersey with a lovely drape meant the pattern was a no brainer: Vogue 8379. I've used this pattern before for three dresses and a top.

This new wrap dress is basically the same as my jungle... [read more]
After I made my Grainline Studios Moss skirt, I did indeed fall down a denim skirt rabbit hole, and have made both Megan Nielsen's Tania Culottes and Kelly Skirt.  Here are my thoughts on both.

Both worn with a good old Tilly And The Buttons Agnes Top

Tania Culottes

These are made from a chambray fabric I bought on ebay.  I made version 2 (knee length) in a size small, but used the length from size extra small.  The pattern calls for 2.6m of fabric, I had 2.5m and cut this out by the skin of my teeth.  The pattern says 2.6m for all sizes on version 2, but it might be a bit tricky with the larger sizes, so 3 metres might be safer.

The most important thing I found was to label all the pattern pieces with front and back, as they all look so similar.  Also, I marked right and wrong sides as my fabric was the same on both. These came together really quickly, the... [read more]

Wow, so many of you have booked my Activewear Masterclass in July that we’ve gone and added a second date! So if you wanted to attend the first one but couldn’t on that weekend, you can now book for Sunday 30 September as well!

Like the July date, this is a one-day masterclass held at New Craft House here in London, and you’ll learn how to sew strong and stretchy seams on a regular sewing machine, adapt patterns to your specific sports, plus sew up a pair of leggings and a workout top, ALL IN ONE DAY! Plus you’ll receive a signed copy of my “Sew Your Own Activewear” book, too!

There’s more info on the class page, too, but I’ve had a few questions from ladies outside the size range of my patterns. If this is you, you can absolutely still book the class! I’ve got some alternative patterns that will be very close to what others will be working on... [read more]

The Ultraviolet Tee had plenty of options when it was published. A curved cropped hem or a straight un-cropped hem. A plain front or a darted or gathered front to accommodate a D-F (or larger) cup bust. Different cut lines for knit or woven fabric. But a quick pattern hack that I did on a shirt for myself quickly became my favorite Ultraviolet Tee to wear so I decided to update the pattern with a View C. View C extends the curved hem in front and back so you have a high-drama slit at the side but the shirt is full length at the front and back so there’s no risk of peek-a-boo belly like with the cropped version.

This sample was sewn out of a double gauze given to me by Shannon Fabrics. I chose the print because I think the simple, oversized silhouette of the Ultraviolet Tee is perfect for a large print. Gauze or double gauze is a great choice for the... [read more]

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