I’m feeling so honoured! Helen and Caroline reached out to see if I’d like to chat about the Sewcialists, and of course I said yes!


Helen from Helen’s Closet and Caroline from Blackbird Fabric started the Love To Sew podcast in August, and I think they’ve been doing a fantastic job. They are chatty and warm, and I look forward to listening every week! Canada may have a small population, but between Love To SewMaker.Style and the Clothes Making Mavens podcasts, Canucks are taking over the airwaves!

Now, I’ll be honest – even though I’m a teacher, I get so nervous when I’m presenting or speaking! I had all kinds of notes for myself of things to remember to say (because, you know, it would be awkward to forget my own blog name or something!). Literally, I had notes on how to answer simple questions like “Tell us about yourself”. In the end, I... [read more]