Good quality needlecord fabric is hard to find but we have been so lucky to find five new prints, now in-store and online.

What is needlecord I hear you ask - well basically needlecord fabric has finer ribs than normal corduroy (typically a needlecord has 14 to 18 cords per inch) which means it is a lighter weight, finer looking fabric than normal corduroy. Did you know that the ribs (raised stripes in corduroy) are also called wales? No idea why!

Anyway, what matters is that needlecord is a great fabric for dressmaking with a warm, soft handfeel in a lighter weight fabric. All our needlecords are 100% cotton and 147cm wide.

First up is Harvest Blossom on Fuschia. This has a close pattern repeat and the flower stems are 4cm long. 

Harvest Blossom needlecord dressmaking fabric from More Sewing

Then there is the Polka Floral on Blue. This is a lovely bright floral fabric, my personal fave (a couple of... [read more]